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The Combi Cleaner 15: A powerful machine for cleaning small and medium ducts

The Cleaning Services company has acquired a high-performance brushing machine, the Combi Cleaner 15. This machine is intended for cleaning small and medium-sized ducts, thus allowing efficient and quick dust removal. Although it is quite light, the Combi Cleaner 15 is a powerful machine intended for heavy work. The Cleaning Services teams are trained for [...]

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Dust removal of air conditioning systems, why?

Given the high level of pollution in cities, it is normal for the ventilation ducts of businesses, hotels, hospitals, buildings, etc. to find themselves more likely to get dirty and therefore require regular cleaning. Consequently, indoor air contamination has become a growing concern for professionals all over Tunisia. On the one hand, the air supplied [...]

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What is a duct cleaning robot?

Too often neglected, the cleaning of ventilation ducts is an important factor for the comfort and health of employees and visitors in the workplace. The maintenance of the components of the ventilation and air conditioning system must be done according to the criteria and standards of the industry. In addition to improving indoor air quality, [...]

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Degreasing of grease extraction circuits, what you need to know!

The main role of a professional kitchen hood is to collect the steam and oily cooking fumes and evacuate them to the outside. Throughout its journey, the grease is deposited on the filters, the hood, the duct, and on the extractor. Accumulated grease is very aggressive on ferrous material (corrosion of sheaths, filters, and extractors [...]

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Why clean ventilation ducts ?

Air is an essential element for the health and well-being of company employees. It must be renewed to maintain a state of purity in the atmosphere and avoid exaggerated rises in temperature, the spread of unpleasant odors, and excessive humidity. To ensure better air quality, people responsible for commercial, industrial, and institutional premises should regularly [...]

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What is industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is not just about washing floors and windows, it is a complex and very diversified activity that involves great know-how. This service refers to a group of cleaning and maintenance services for premises intended for professional use. Industrial cleaning generally consists of services provided by specialized professionals who carry out cleaning tasks for [...]

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What is an anti-legionellosis treatment?

L legionellosis is a potentially fatal disease of bacterial origin that leads to an acute lung infection. The bacteria responsible for legionellosis are Legionella. The development of legionella occurs in sanitary facilities, in stagnant water, and also in air treatment systems in buildings. This bacterium infects humans through the pulmonary route, it is transmitted when [...]

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Having the ventilation system inspected: Why is it Important?

All ventilation systems and reversible heat pumps must be regularly inspected... Almost unnoticed, this step is part of all the essential measures to ensure the performance of air and energy ducts in professional buildings... A video camera inspection, why do it? The means used to clean the ducts are conditioned by the nature of the [...]

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Restaurant owners: why is degreasing kitchen hoods a priority?

The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant profession. For them, it is both the place of success for the dishes offered, but it is also here that the biggest problems arise. Indeed with the preparation of thousands of dishes a day, the hood of a professional kitchen absorbs odors and fumes. It is thus [...]

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4 reasons to regularly maintain your Pro kitchen hoods!

Choosing the equipment of a professional kitchen, installing it, and using it on a daily basis to prepare succulent dishes... are important steps in creating the gastronomic image of your restaurant, but the regular maintenance of your hood and your fat extraction systems is also essential ! The hood is the heart of a professional [...]

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