Why clean ventilation ducts ?

Air is an essential element for the health and well-being of company employees. It must be renewed to maintain a state of purity in the atmosphere and avoid exaggerated rises in temperature, the spread of unpleasant odors, and excessive humidity. To ensure better air quality, people responsible for commercial, industrial, and institutional premises should regularly clean the ventilation ducts. We explain in detail why you need to properly maintain your ventilation system!

What is in the air ventilation ducts that need to be cleaned ?

It is often said that cleaning the air ducts is beneficial to health. This statement is very vague. Concretely, what harms health, and how ?

Faulty and dirty ventilation ducts may harbor small particles of dust and fungi, leading to the development of harmful molds, pollen, or bacteria that is invisible to the naked eye but potentially harmful to health. Removing these residues is essential to an overall plan to improve indoor air quality.

Consequences of a clogged ventilation system ?

The consequences of air vents that pollute and contaminate the ambient air of office buildings equipped with ventilation and air conditioning systems include: Breathing difficulties, allergies, irritation of the nose and throat, headaches, coughing, sneezing, etc… And in extreme cases, certain lung infections such as severe pneumonia (Legionnaire’s disease) can occur.

In addition to considerably harming your health, the accumulation of dust and contaminants causes an imbalance in air circulation and can cause an increase in your energy costs. Indeed, when the air inlets and extractions are blocked, the system starts up more often and for longer. Therefore, the operation of the ventilation system will cost you more without giving you full satisfaction.

The system will have to make more effort to suck in the air, which will damage the motor, and it will become noisier.
In addition, when the ventilation system loses efficiency, the air is therefore not renewed correctly, and consequently, bad odors settle inside the ventilation ducts and throughout the establishment.
Poorly maintained ventilation grills can also cause condensation in the system and short circuits.

Ventilation system maintenance frequency

Note that the cleaning of ventilation ducts is recommended every 12 months. The cleaning must be thorough, and powerful and above all, it must include all the components of the air system in order to avoid immediate contamination following cleaning.

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