Dust removal of air conditioning systems, why?

Given the high level of pollution in cities, it is normal for the ventilation ducts of businesses, hotels, hospitals, buildings, etc. to find themselves more likely to get dirty and therefore require regular cleaning.

Consequently, indoor air contamination has become a growing concern for professionals all over Tunisia.
On the one hand, the air supplied by air conditioning systems carries dust as well as particles harmful to health (respiratory problems). On the other hand, dust can disrupt the operation of appliances and plays an important role in increasing energy consumption and the proliferation of bacteria…not to mention the risk of fires inside the ventilation circuits.

These unhealthy bacteria, the most dangerous of which is legionellosis, can also cause the release of bad odors.
The good news is that with Cleaning Services! It is possible to effectively solve this type of problem.

Equipped with a robotic dusting system, the company Cleaning Services allows you to easily get rid of dust-causing pollution and allergies and guarantees effective cleaning.

Specialized in the field of hygiene since 2006, Cleaning Services has the necessary skills to eliminate any presence of undesirable particles and restore air quality to its optimal level in order to promote a healthy and favorable environment for safety in professional premises.

Indeed, the sanitation of ventilation ducts involves the following steps: inspection, cleaning (dust removal), and disinfection.

So we can say that regular cleaning of the air conditioning ducts will help extend the life of the equipment and ensure its proper functioning. In addition, your system will consume less energy and, above all, the air it diffuses will remain healthy.

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