What is a duct cleaning robot?

Too often neglected, the cleaning of ventilation ducts is an important factor for the comfort and health of employees and visitors in the workplace. The maintenance of the components of the ventilation and air conditioning system must be done according to the criteria and standards of the industry.

In addition to improving indoor air quality, regular cleaning of air conditioning ducts can also reduce cooling costs.
For safe and healthy cleaning, Cleaning Services uses a cleaning robot manufactured by LIFA AIR, a Finnish company specializing in the inspection and cleaning of ducts to improve indoor air quality.

With this innovative technology, Cleaning Services is at the forefront of industrial cleaning companies in Tunisia.

Indeed, the company offers its customers customized solutions for the maintenance of ventilation systems in hospitals, offices, hotels, and industries.

How does the robot cleaner work?

The robot is slipped into the ventilation ducts for a first pass to inspect the duct and visually check its level of clogging thanks to its HD camera and LED projectors.

Once in the duct, the robot cleaner is directed by a human operator. Using a cable connected to a console, the professional manages the camera, the cleaning tools (brushes), the direction, and the speed of the robot.

Then, the robot equipped with mechanically driven brushes dislodges the debris and cleans the dirt by adhering to the internal surfaces of the ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Equipped with a video recording mechanism, the robot allows us to make a photo or video montage that can be given to customers, following our work.

The robotic system has become an essential tool for inspecting and cleaning all types of ventilation systems.

The advantages of robotic cleaning:

Remotely controlled equipment provides several advantages:
Indeed, this robotic disinfection method avoids tedious tasks and eliminates manual work. It is a simple and quick method.
Due to the configuration of certain ventilation ducts, the robot cleaner intervenes in places where it is impossible for humans to get there.

Among the advantages of robotic dust collection, no chemicals are needed. Cleaning is only mechanical.
This robot is not only a technological feat, it also participates in the fight against airborne diseases which are responsible for many pulmonary and allergic infections, namely legionellosis.

As a company specializing in the field of industrial hygiene since 2006, Cleaning Services continually seeks to invest in the development of its equipment and expand its fields of expertise in order to satisfy its customers.

Whether in hospitals, hotels, commercial, residential or industrial sectors, Cleaning Services adapts its duct cleaning processes and services by offering a sanitation protocol established according to the requirements of each activity.

Get in touch with the company and benefit from impeccable cleaning quality!

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