What is industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is not just about washing floors and windows, it is a complex and very diversified activity that involves great know-how. This service refers to a group of cleaning and maintenance services for premises intended for professional use.

Industrial cleaning generally consists of services provided by specialized professionals who carry out cleaning tasks for premises where a tertiary activity is carried out (hospitals, offices, administrations, schools), places open to the public (shopping centers, hotels, stores), or places dedicated to production or processing (industry, laboratories).

What is industrial cleaning ?

The nature of industrial cleaning varies considerably depending on the sector of activity of the professional establishment. It is generally accompanied by specialized services including cleaning inside buildings:

It also includes outdoor cleaning, including windows, smoke ducts, air vents, disinfection and extermination activities in buildings as well as chimney sweeping, among others.

Also, to intervene in the maintenance and disinfection of premises such as production sites (factories, workshops, etc.), cleaning professionals must have specific qualifications for this task.

Why opt for industrial cleaning ?

An industrial cleaning service is the best way to optimize hygiene, cleanliness, and the work process in professional premises. This solution offers undeniable practical and economic advantages regardless of your sector of activity.

Furthermore, the cleanliness of workplaces is a telling sign of the good health of a company. A healthy and comfortable environment strongly contributes to employee motivation. Similarly, good hygiene of the premises limits the health risks and the impact on the lifespan of the company.

Second, the well-being of your employees influences their productivity. In order to promote the happiness of your employees, you must therefore ensure that their working environment is kept clean.

Apart from these internal considerations, the image of a company is directly linked to its building, its premises, and its offices. Cleanliness and freshness are therefore crucial aspects in building a good brand image with regard to its customers, suppliers, and partners. Relations between the company’s various employees also benefit from the state of its premises.

Finally, for some businesses open to the public (Restaurants), hygiene standards are stricter. Indeed, cleanliness is a matter of public health. Cleaning must therefore be regular, meticulous, and adapted to the needs of the company, and it requires the expertise of industrial cleaning professionals.

In this case, the use of external services is essential !

Industrial cleaning: Why call on specialists ?

The use of an external company has become the rule for industrial cleaning. The qualified and trained personnel of the Cleaning Services company apply industrial cleaning methods with their own tools, products, and know-how.

Hospitals, hotels, industries, schools… our hygiene professionals can intervene in different sensitive environments while respecting very strict safety protocols, so don’t wait! Contact the Cleaning Services team now and request your free quote!

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