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Our hygiene services in Tunisia

Degreasing of grease extraction circuits

Kitchen hood exhaust ducts are prone to grease buildup. The layers of fat prevent the proper evacuation of cooking fumes, promote the persistence of unpleasant odors in the room, and also represent a high ignition factor that can lead to a fire. Cleaning Services has unique know-how and extensive expertise in the field of cleaning grease extraction circuits in professional kitchens.

Dust removal of air conditioning systems and anti-legionella treatment

Air conditioning systems are favorable environments for the development of germs and bacteria such as legionella. With regular treatment and cleaning of all the components of your ventilation system, you can avoid the decline in the operation of the installations, the dangers of microbiological contamination, but also unnecessary energy expenditure.

Disinfection and decontamination of industrial premises

We are involved in the disinfection and decontamination of premises and buildings for professionals. Thanks to the continuous training of our technicians on the latest disinfection techniques and the use of adequate and advanced equipment, our disinfection and decontamination actions against viruses, bacteria, and several types of pathogens are guaranteed, effective, and respect people and the environment.

chimney sweeping

Soot released from gaseous, liquid, and solid fuel ducts in factories is the main source of flue clogging. As a result, all heat-producing devices in the industry must be swept regularly to ensure optimal operation. By cleaning the inside wall of the chimney flues, the company Cleaning Services guarantees the elimination of soot and other particles deposited on the smoke evacuation ducts.

Dépoussiérage des systèmes de climatisation - Cleaning Services

Cleaning of extraction systems in industry and VMC

The dust produced by industrial machinery represents the main pollution for extraction networks and can be a source of serious occupational diseases. In order to respect the environment, but also and above all to ensure the safety of workers, it has become essential in the industrial field to adopt a real cleaning policy for extraction and VMC systems.

Tailor-made solutions

Whatever the sector of activity, the cleaning of professional premises has become essential for the proper functioning of a company, and the well-being of its employees as well as that of its visitors or customers. Our experience in hygiene, allows us to intervene in different fields of activity with always the same quality and the same professionalism. We offer you more and more varied services, thanks to high-tech equipment.