What is an anti-legionellosis treatment?


legionellosis is a potentially fatal disease of bacterial origin that leads to an acute lung infection. The bacteria responsible for legionellosis are Legionella.

The development of legionella occurs in sanitary facilities, in stagnant water, and also in air treatment systems in buildings. This bacterium infects humans through the pulmonary route, it is transmitted when a person breathes in droplets of contaminated water.

The symptoms of this infection are characterized by high fever, asthenia, respiratory failure, and sudden weight loss. Without treatment, or in particularly fragile patients, Legionella can cause death, which is the case for approximately 10% of those affected.

Which facilities are at risk?

The equipment considered high-risk installations are:

? Sanitary hot water systems (showers, whirlpool baths, decorative fountains, etc.)
? Wet cooling systems and
? air conditioning installations in industrial buildings and office buildings (air humidifiers, scrubbers, condensate tanks).

Hence, hotels, hospitals, schools, and establishments open to the public must comply with standards in terms of their sanitary infrastructure and air conditioning systems.

Indeed, regular monitoring of legionellosis in production, storage, hot water, and cold air distribution facilities is a necessity. This is in order to prevent the appearance and multiplication of this dangerous bacterium

How to treat air conditioning systems against legionellosis?

The effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection measures offered by cleaning companies depends on many factors. Indeed, the anti-legionella treatment technique and the choice of disinfectant products must be adapted to the design of the contaminated facilities.

Whether you are in charge of a hotel, a restaurant, a health establishment, or simply an establishment that receives the public, an episode of legionellosis is undoubtedly possible.

Therefore, don’t take any risks and ask the Cleaning Services team to come and assess the level of disinfection of your system and intervene for an effective anti-legionella treatment adapted to your problems.

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