4 reasons to regularly maintain your Pro kitchen hoods!

Choosing the equipment of a professional kitchen, installing it, and using it on a daily basis to prepare succulent dishes… are important steps in creating the gastronomic image of your restaurant, but the regular maintenance of your hood and your fat extraction systems is also essential !

The hood is the heart of a professional kitchen, it is made to absorb odors and fumes. It presents itself as the equipment most exposed to grease in a professional kitchen.

As a result, a clean hood that is regularly cleaned is less energy-intensive and more economic. On the contrary, a hood that is too dirty is potentially dangerous since it can cause a multitude of problems:


Hygiene and the quality of the air we breathe are essential to the comfort of restaurant workers and customers alike. Indeed, not cleaning your hood will cause unpleasant odors in the kitchen and dining room of your restaurant and will cause both respiratory and olfactory discomfort.

The fat accumulated on the wall of the hood behaves like an incubator. They develop an environment favorable to the growth of harmful bacteria which can degrade the quality of prepared meals.

Therefore, if your kitchen hood is deficient and lacks degreasing, it is the reputation of your restaurant that will be penalized in the first place!


The lack of cleaning of the extractor hood leads to poor sealing of the extraction ducts which subsequently causes drips and stains on the walls and false ceilings both in the kitchen and in the dining room.


A restaurant kitchen hood is naturally loaded with grease, both at the level of the motor, the filters, and the extraction duct. The accumulation of grease in the hood can have serious consequences.

If no cleaning is carried out, the grease is deposited everywhere: On the filters, the electrical circuits, the motor, in the evacuation duct, and in the extractor. Gradually, the accumulated grease can ignite and behave like fuel, resulting in a high risk of fire.

According to the latest statistics, 80% of fires in a professional kitchen are aggravated by the lack of degreasing.

Cleaning and degreasing a professional kitchen hood is therefore a necessity to ensure the safety of people and property!

Energy overconsumption

The overconsumption of energy due to the accumulation of grease on the walls of a professional range hood is less well-known but just as important. Indeed, poor cleaning of the hood leads to an accumulation of grease which reduces the efficiency of the extractor hood.

In addition, a clean hood consumes less energy because it absorbs odors and fumes more effectively than a dirty hood.

Thanks to Cleaning Services, it is possible to avoid the additional cost of unnecessary energy consumption due to a clogged and insufficiently cleaned professional hood.
Finally, for optimal results, Cleaning Services advises you to clean the grease extraction ducts at least twice a year.

It will soon be a while since the last cleaning of your professional kitchen hood was done and you have to act on time so as not to go against hygiene standards. Trust us and contact our team of professionals without delay!

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