Having the ventilation system inspected: Why is it Important?

All ventilation systems and reversible heat pumps must be regularly inspected… Almost unnoticed, this step is part of all the essential measures to ensure the performance of air and energy ducts in professional buildings…

A video camera inspection, why do it?

The means used to clean the ducts are conditioned by the nature of the ducts, most of the time in galvanized steel. The solution adopted consists of mechanically removing the dust by brushing compressed air using remote-controlled robots equipped with video cameras.

The robot cleaner is the perfect companion for the inspection, control, and cleaning of ventilation networks. Powered by a battery or a sector, this robot is designed to maximize your autonomy in the field. It guarantees faster and more efficient cleaning than manual cleaning.

It is a reliable device for professional control of air and ventilation ducts before and after cleaning.

Thanks to its resistance and its compact design, the camera allows visual inspections of horizontal and vertical ventilation ducts and it films continuously and at 360 degrees.

Advantages of a ventilation system inspection

The video inspection of the air purification networks ensures the conformity of the installations and verifies the condition of the networks that can be visited and their proper functioning.

First of all, the LIFA AIR inspection camera makes it possible to identify the cause of a problem in a pipe or a cavity without having to shut down the entire building infrastructure for a long time and carry out messy and labor-intensive interventions.

Then, this step can warn us if there is a bad design of the installations, which results in particular in a lack of flows.
Finally, the inspection of the ventilation ducts can inform us about the aging of the installations which generally leads to a drop in the initial flow rates and subsequently results in air pollution.

For example, the non-replacement of filters in air conditioning and ventilation units, mainly in the tertiary sector, may be the cause of many pathologies whose origin is often difficult to identify except by video camera inspection.

For cleaning your ventilation networks, Cleaning Services is the first Tunisian company to be equipped with the Combi clean 15® robot cleaner, developed by Lifa Air®.

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